Personal Collections
Mr. Alec Baldwin, New York, NY
Mr. & Mrs. George Brett, Kansas City, MO
Ms. Carol Burnett, Los Angeles, CA
Ms. Lily Chao, Hong Kong, China
Ms. Ellen DeGeneres, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Fred Dryer, Los Angeles, CA
Prince Fizel, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hanks, New York, NY
Prince & Princess of Hanover, London, England
Mr. Ron Howard, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Lamar Hunt, Dallas, TX
Mr. & Mrs. Emeril Lagasse, New Orleans, LA and New York, NY
Mr. Carl Lewis, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Newton, Las Vegas, NV
Mr. Jack Nicholson, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Daniel Powter, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Pritzker, Chicago, IL
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Romano Malibu, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Malibu, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sinatra, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sloan, Kansas City, MO
Ms. Danielle Steel, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Lynn Swan, Pittsburgh, PA
among others

Public Collections and Installations
Bergstrom Foundation, Neenah, WI
Buck O’Neil Foundation, Kansas City, MO
Children’s Fountain, Kansas City, MO
Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City, MO
Firefighter’s Memorial, Kansas City, MO
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Kauffman Memorial Gardens, Kansas City, MO
Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, MO
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO
Korea and Vietnam Memorial, Wyandotte Co., KS
The Lyric Opera, Kansas City, MO
Middletown Regional Hospital, Middletown, OH
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Kansas City, MO
Pinellas Sports Authority, St. Petersburg, FL
Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS
Reverend John Williams Memorial, Kansas City, MO
United Nations Peace Plaza, Independence, MO
Schuster Performing Arts Center, Dayton, OH
St. Mary’s College, Omaha, NE
Vietnam Memorial, Richmond, MO
United Nations, New York, NY
University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
among others

Corporate Collections
American Century Investors, Kansas City, MO
Bloomingdale’s, New York, NY
Columbia Pictures, Los Angeles, CA
Dayton Hudson, Minneapolis, MN
Four Seasons Hotel, Hawaii
Honeywell, Minneapolis, MN
The Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, MO
Marshall Fields, Chicago, IL
Merrill Companies, Overland Park, KS
Nieman Marcus, Dallas, TX
Novatel Hotels, Seoul, Korea
Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles, CA
Properties Group, Cary, NC
Quaker Oats, Chicago, IL
Royal Sporting House, Singapore
Turtle Wax, Chicago, IL
Warner Brothers Studio, London, England
among others

TV, Radio and Film Appearances
Changing Lanes – Paramount Pictures
Cruel Intentions – Sony Pictures
Homes Across America – HGTV
In Treatment – HBO
It’s Complicated – Universal Pictures
Law & Order: Criminal Intent – NBC
Marketplace – National Public Radio
Obsessed – Screen Gems
A Perfect Murder – Warner Brothers Pictures
Ransom – Touchstone Pictures
Top Design – Bravo
True Lies – 20th Century Fox Pictures
among others